Youth Council of the Mediterranean

Our Mission

The Council is the place where young people from various countries that practice different rites, giving continuity to the spirit that animates mediterranean churches encounters.

They know each other
They confront
They share experiences
They elaborate a common project of dialogue

To make visible relationships between ecclesial communities from which they have been indicated and that is destined to enlarge the populations and cultures from which they come from. 

The Origin of the Project

The project was born as a proposal from the Italian Church to establish a Mediterranean Youth Council, in the perspective of a possible coexistence between peoples based on brotherhood. 

In Florence, The project arises and takes root; this city because Prof. La Pira’s prophetic dream of a Mediterranean as a dialogue, fraternal coexistence and peace space From Florence, a natural place of encounter and dialogue, rises the Italian Church’s suggestion of creating a Council of young people from the Mediterranean, in the perspective of a possible cohabitation between populations based on fraternity.

The project’s protagonists are young people, who represent our mediterranean ecclesial community’s future, involving them directly in an active and responsible way. It is a concrete sign that the Mediterranean Catholic Church, in its various articulations, proposes looking at the future through tomorrow’s men and women’s eyes and minds, who will proceed to consist of the various societies and the Mediterranean ecclesial communities.  

The Youth Council of the Mediterranean is born in this perspective and it has a triple goal:

Care of the spiritual dimension

Love for the Church

Enforcement of pastoral action in front of nowadays challenges

Our Values

Council Journey

Beyond the beauty of diversity, here are our stories captured to be shared with you

Pilar Shannon Perez Brown

M adri d

Hi, I'm Pilar, I'm from the Youth Council of the Mediterranean and represent the Roman Catholic Church. My group is Civic Encagement and Social Action. Follow us to learn more about the youth of the Mediterranean, the delegates, and get in touch if you want to participate!

Aleks Birsa Jogan

Sl oven ia

Hello! I am Aleks from Slovenia and I am a representative of the Slovenian Bishop Conference in the Youth Mediterranean Council. Our project for the coming year is in the field of religious education and evange lisation of the youths. We will prepare a series of testimonies. Follow us to get to know our Council and the other representatives in it better.

Maher Dridi

Tu nisi a

Goodmorning I am Maher, I'm delegated from CERNA (Conference of Bishops of Nord Africa). Our project for the ne xt year is about formal and informal education. Follow us to learn more about the Council and the other delegates.

Emile Fakhoury


Hello, I am Emile Fakhoury from Lebanon and represent the Lebanese Maronite Church and I am a delegate in the Youth C ouncil of the Mediterranean.

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